Yesterday the State Press – official newspaper of Arizona State University, which my wife Tracy and I each served as editor in chief during the 1980s – wrote a nice feature about me. The full-page color photo of me was a bit scary, but this headline must have been terrifying to campus liberals who thought they were rid of me 20 years ago:

Political Passion: From his early days as a conservative editor in chief in a liberal college newspaper environment, to his current bid for governor against Democratic powerhouse Janet Napolitano, Len Munsil has stayed true to his values. How a love for Arizona and politics might take this ASU alum all the way to the capitol.

Also, the self-described liberal editor of the paper wrote a few nice things in an editorial, prompting this response from Arizona Republic blogger Dan Nowicki. And earlier this week, reporter Mike Sunnucks compared my commitment to tax cuts with Janet Napolitano’s desire to spend us right back into a deficit in a Business Journal article.