Our constitutional separation of powers — the notion that governmental power is divided between three branches, and divided again between the state and national governments — is not irrelevant, arcane political theory. It is an essential element of protecting our liberty. A Tucson federal judge – with the active help of Gov. Napolitano and Attorney General Goddard — has taken the issue of state spending to educate English Language Learners out of the hands of our elected representatives.
Janet Napolitano has handed over her authority, and that of the legislature, to a federal judge because that was the only way to get the outcome she wanted — more money thrown at the problem with no accountability. Whether you agree or disagree with the outcome, be concerned any time a state official is happy to surrender authority to a federal judge. Ultimately, it is your right to representative government that is diminished. Arizona Republic columnist Bob Robb makes this point in today’s column as he examines who is actually being represented in this court case.