New radio ads produced by The Project for Arizona’s Future — a group of liberal Democrats and a few liberal Republicans — attempts to put a false choice before Arizona voters.
In essence, the ad asks us to choose between solving our transportation problems or returning tax dollars to citizens who overpaid their taxes, resulting in a budget surplus. Of course the tax cuts are presented negatively as an election year political gimmick.
Who is behind the sudden appearance of expensive, election-year radio ads attacking the notion of tax cuts? All you need to know is this — Janet Napolitano has personally appeared at a private fundraising event for the supposedly nonpartisan organization. Coincidentally, the key planks of the Project line up exactly with Napolitano’s positions.
Also coincidentally, no doubt, this radio attack on returning your overpayment of taxes exactly corresponds with Janet Napolitano’s position on the issue.
These ads could backfire, however. We have serious transportation problems in our state, I agree. But Janet Napolitano has been Governor for more than three years, and the problem is much worse on her watch than when she took office. No doubt in this election year she is planning to come out with a solution. But just as with immigration, beware of election-year promises from an incumbent governor who has had years to address these growing problems and done nothing.