Len Munsil – A Principled Leader You Can Trust

  • A record of excellence and success

  • A history of principled leadership
  • A life of influence
  • Public policy expertise
  • A career dedicated to children and families
  • Law enforcement background — trained thousands of prosecuting attorneys across the nation on effective enforcement of laws protecting children and families

Core values: limited government, economic freedom, secure borders, safe neighborhoods and strong families
Pro-border security – committed to effectively and immediately sealing the border
Pro-second amendment – endorsed by J & G Gun Sales owner Brent DeSaye
Pro-women – lobbied for regulations protecting women’s health and safety; supports protection for women against domestic violence
Pro-educational choice – believes parents should be empowered with many educational options, which will lead to stronger public schools
Pro-money to the classrooms – supports increased public school teacher pay
Pro-law enforcement – supports more funding, better pay for law enforcement to cut into police shortages; will crack down on criminals (Arizona has the highest crime rate in the U.S.)
Pro-business – supports across the board business tax cuts
Pro-tax relief – supports across the board income and property tax cuts
Pro-family – successfully fought for elimination of Arizona marriage tax penalty
Pro-marriage – is the author of Arizona’s current law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman; helped draft the Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment
Pro-life – the only candidate for Arizona Governor endorsed by Arizona Right to Life