Democrats can only get elected statewide in Arizona by pretending they aren’t Democrats. Janet Napolitano did this effectively four years ago by causing most voters to forget her liberal trial lawyer past, including her advocacy for Anita Hill and Democratic efforts to torpedo conservative judges. Notice on her website that the word “Democrat” never appears, just as it won’t appear on her campaign signs and literature. In this election she will try to make us all forget her veto of Prop 200 legislation, her tax-raising commission, and one of her first acts upon taking office — issuing a gay rights executive order.
Now Jim Pederson, who is challenging Sen. Jon Kyl, is trying the same approach. As Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, he pumped millions of dollars into the Party and into supporting Janet Napolitano’s campaign. Now, in his new TV ads, he wants us to believe he’s really an Independent. Don’t fall for it.