Everyone is concerned about high gasoline prices. As Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano has several options:
1) Explain that market factors drive oil prices and there isn’t really much any level of government can do to change the fundamentals of gas prices. She could even cite liberal columnist Jon Talton.
2) Investigate the possibility of providing some relief by temporarily suspending Arizona’s gas tax of 19 cents per gallon, as was considered after Hurricane Katrina.
3) Blame Washington D.C.
Guess what she does? Not only does she again point the finger of blame at Washington D.C., but she is urging all of us to join her by signing a petition to the President and Congress.
That’s right — the Governor of Arizona is launching a petition drive! It’s hard to imagine what Janet Napolitano can do now to top such a bold policy initiative — perhaps she could organize a bake sale or a car wash to raise money for research on alternative fuels?