The Republic today reports on Janet Napolitano’s effort to govern the state through vetoes. Her vetoes have protected illegal immigrants, prevented use of the National Guard at the border, undermined our gun rights, and protected trial lawyers at the expense of our ability to get access to health care.
But one element of this story is missing. The main reason there have been so many vetoes is that it is virtually impossible for legislators to negotiate with Janet Napolitano. That is because last year she broke her word and failed to do what she promised on the corporate tax credit. Legislators are justifiably asking — what good does it do to negotiate and reach agreement with the governor if she cannot be trusted to keep her end of the bargain?
And so, as you can read in the story, they have to try to figure out ways to keep her from line item vetoing elements of bills that she doesn’t like. Why? Because they don’t trust her.
People of good will and integrity, no matter their political party or philosophy, can work together and reach agreement. That cannot happen in Arizona right now because most legislators know the governor cannot be trusted.

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