Many Republicans are justifiably angry with the failure of Republicans in Washington to control spending and to effectively secure our borders. Karl Rove is trying to make sure these voters don’t stay home in this election year.
As a Republican candidate for statewide office, I obviously hope to provide a powerful incentive for Arizona Republicans to go to the polls in support of a conservative reform agenda. But even if you are frustrated with Republicans in Congress, remember this — we have a great economy thanks to Republican tax cuts, and we haven’t been hit since 9-11 because Republicans are serious about fighting terrorism.
And if that’s not enough for you, three words that should scare any reasonable American: Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. Len-
    As a Republican, I am distressed when my fellow party members use the false logic that a lack of terror attacks here since 9/11 mean the Bush administration is doing a good job protecting us from terrorism.
    How many terror attacks occured on US soil during the 7+ years of Clinton’s administration after the 1993 attacks???
    No sensible person would suggest that it was because of his policies that we were “safer.”
    A president that continues to leave our borders open, is willing to sell port security to an Arab country with a mixed record on supporting terrorism(at best), etc. is not as serious as you think about protecting this country.
    I hope whoever is in the WH in 2008 will get serious about the issue most important to Arizona at this point…the porous border to the south of us.
    A Concerned Republican from your alma mater


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