Len in the News

Len Munsil’s plan for Arizona, Nov. 2, The Arizona Republic
‘Republic’ praise of Napolitano ignores the facts, Oct. 29, The Arizona Republic
Napolitano should speak in future tense, Oct. 27, East Valley Tribune
Munsil talks tuition with College Republicans, Oct. 27, ASU State Press
Gov. is distorting her own record, Munsil says, Oct. 26, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers
Governor candidates take aim at tax system, Oct. 24, East Valley Tribune
Munsil stumps in BHC, Oct. 23, Mohave Daily News
Governor candidates differ on border solutions, Oct. 22, The Arizona Republic
Munsil proposal would beef up border security, Oct. 20, The Arizona Republic
Munsil says border plan would reduce drains on services, Oct. 19, The Arizona Republic
websites win candidates’ praise, Oct. 16, USA Today
Munsil’s solution to state’s problems: “Secure the border”, Oct. 11, The Daily Dispatch
Contrasts clear at debate for governor, Oct. 11, The Arizona Daily Star
Governor debate centers on health, higher education, Oct. 11, The Arizona Republic
Border dominates gubernatorial debate, Oct. 10, East Valley Tribune
Income tax: Keep it or kill it?, Oct. 7, The Arizona Republic
Robb: Memorial fails to honor dead, 9/11’s moment of national clarity, Oct. 3, Tucson Citizen
GOP’s Munsil found conservative voice early, Oct. 1, The Arizona Republic
Dems gave to group critical of Munsil, Sept. 26, KVOA Tucson
9/11 memorial called political, Sept. 26, The Arizona Republic
Munsil: Inscriptions on 9/11 memorial an insult to America, Sept. 26, The Arizona Daily Star
Political candidates more effective if avoid distortions, air differences, Sept. 26, Tucson Citizen
Munsil agenda unveiled, Sept. 22, The Arizona Republic
Munsil lawyer questions gov.’s campaign ties, Sept. 20, The Arizona Daily Star
Munsil camp seeks source of attacks, Sept. 20, The Arizona Republic
Fresh off victory, Munsil visits Kingman, Sept. 19, The Kingman Daily Miner
Web site attacking Munsil could bring more campaign cash, Sept. 19, The Arizona Daily Star
Cactus Needles, Sept. 17, East Valley Tribune
Governor will be hard to beat, but underdog may just find a way, Sept. 17, The Arizona Republic
Campaign salvos start early in governor’s race, Sept. 14, East Valley Tribune
The stage is set for November, Sept. 14, East Valley Tribune
Governor’s race rides on economy, border, Sept. 14, The Arizona Republic
Len Munsil Wins GOP Primary, Sept. 13, KJZZ Arizona News
Immigration, security top start of Munsil-Napolitano governor’s race, Sept. 13, The Business Journal
It’s Munsil vs. Napolitano, Sept. 13, The Arizona Republic
Munsil wins GOP gubernatorial race, Sept. 13, The Arizona Daily Star
Grassroots support fuels Munsil win, Sept. 13, Tucson Citizen
Munsil set for November ballot, Sept. 13, ASU State Press
Munsil wins GOP nomination for governor, Sept. 12, East Valley Tribune
Len Munsil – My Values, My Vote, Sept. 12, Sonoran Alliance
Front-runners make final push, Sept. 10, The Arizona Republic
Munsil best of weak GOP field, Sept. 8, The Arizona Republic
Elections panel rules for Munsil, Sept. 8, The Arizona Republic
McCain endorsing Munsil in GOP race, Sept. 7, The Arizona Republic
MySpace now a hot spot on campaign trail, Sept. 7, The Arizona Republic
McCain backs Munsil for governor, Sept. 6, The Business Journal
Inside Track: Franzi prognosticates the primary, Sept. 6, Explorer
Politicians on MySpace, Sept. 6, The Arizona Daily Star
Gubernatorial hopefuls race out of the gate, Sept. 3, The Arizona Republic
Heads Goldwater, tails Munsil, Sept. 3, The Arizona Republic
Munsil proposes new state police unit as part of border plan, Sept. 1, The Arizona Republic
Goldwater’s pro-life link misleading, Sept. 1, The Arizona Republic
Munsil proposes state border patrol force, August 31, Tucson Citizen
Munsil, Montgomery issue border plan, August 31, KVOA Tucson
Len Munsil Republican candidate for governor, August 31, The Arizona Republic
Napolitano education agenda fails students, August 31, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers
Oh, snap!, August 31, Arizona Watchtower
Cooking with Gubernatorial Candidate, Attorney Len Munsil and Family, Fall 2006, Scottsdale Food
State primary election, August 29, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers
Ironman Arizona, August 27, Arizona Watchtower
Tried and true issue – tax cuts – trotted out once more by GOP, August 26, The Arizona Republic
GOP gubernatorial candidates present views at Pinal meeting, August 15, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers
Munsil fires 1st broadside as vote looms, August 13, The Arizona Republic
Munsil’s goal: Softening image, August 10, The Arizona Republic
Republican candidates for governor, August 7, The Arizona Republic
Priming the primary pump, Clean Elections and a potential misstep on racial profiling, August 6, The Arizona Republic
Conservatives’ Choice for Governor: Len Munsil, August 5, The Arizona Conservative
Crime rates need attention by new leadership, August 5, The Arizona Republic
Underdog Munsil never one to mince words, August 4, The Arizona Republic
Fiery Munsil turns the heat down, August 2, East Valley Tribune
Issue is inside the numbers, July 26, East Valley Tribune
GOP candidates focus on crime rates, July 21, The Arizona Daily Star
Munsil tries to distance himself from GOP rivals, July 21, The Arizona Republic
The race is on, July 18, Mohave Daily News
Candidate Munsil touts experience in public policy, July 18, The Kingman Daily Miner
Gubernatorial candidate urges GOP to stick to issues, July 17, The Business Journal
Munsil runs in primary as hard-hitting conservative, July 14, White Mountain Independent
West Valley’s Franks leads push against stem cell research, July 13, The Business Journal
Election 2006: Len Munsil, Reagan conservative, July 12, The Verde Independent
Candidate visits Payson for second time in month, July 7, Payson Roundup
Munsil: Experience makes him solid candidate for governor, June 28, Yuma Sun
Munsil says GOP deserves credit for tax cuts, June 21, The Business Journal
Put safety of our citizens first in managing border, June 14, The Arizona Republic
Len Munsil’s in line with the Reagan tradition, June 10, The Arizona Republic
Munsil, GOP criticize veto of state border security-immigration measure, June 7, The Business Journal
GOP candidates assail Napolitano on veto, June 6, Tucson Citizen
Immigration Dominates Candidate Visit, June 6, Payson Roundup
Fischer Cut Bait II, May 17, EspressoPundit
State GOP lawmakers endorse Len Munsil, May 12, Tucson Citizen
Critics intensify fight against state income tax cuts, May 8, The Business Journal
Blogger Running for Governor, May 3, GOPbloggers
Mitchell, Hayworth ‘raid’ each other’s territory, April 30, The Arizona Republic
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Len Munsil: A Genuine Opportunity for Republicans, April 19, Intellectual Conservative
Candidate (Mike Harris) caught with out-of-state plates, April 16, The Arizona Republic
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Who’s hot, who’s not, March 26, The Arizona Republic
Greene quits governor run, March 14, The Arizona Republic
Munsil leads fund-raising in Republican race for governor,, February 7, The Arizona Republic
Political observers say Munsil leads GOP gubernatorial race, February 3, The Business Journal
Munsil criticizes Napolitano for taking economic ‘credit’, January 11, The Business Journal