Since entering the race for Governor in February, I have made three points repeatedly:
1) We must secure the border now, and not wait for the federal government to take action;
2) Until we effectively secure the border, any discussion of other immigration-related issues is premature; and
3) Janet Napolitano has done nothing to secure our borders, and cannot be trusted to deal effectively with this issue no matter what she promises in this election year.
Nothing in yesterday’s speech by President Bush changes these three truths. While I was encouraged by the President’s emphasis on securing the border, Arizona cannot wait for the federal government to take action on border security. Moreover, any discussion of issues unrelated to border security is premature.
Janet Napolitano continues to be committed to doing nothing to secure our borders, while pointing the finger of blame at Washington.
Janet Napolitano’s response to the speech is completely wrong. She has now encouraged the legislature to do nothing about border security – even asking legislators to ignore the proposals she made in her State of the State address.

“The Legislature should stand back (and) look at what’s happening federally,’’ Napolitano said after Monday’s speech by President Bush.

The Legislature must take action on a strong border security bill soon, and the governor should sign the bill. Her effort to stop the legislature from taking action on border security is simply more evidence that she still does not take this issue seriously.
After years of federal inaction, and with no agreement on a new federal bill, one speech by the President should not cause Arizona’s governor to think the issue is solved.

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  1. Good for you Len, don’t wait for Washington to act – it is time to secure the borders NOW. Greg, San Diego, CA


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