Republican control of the presidency and Congress has accomplished two significant things — an aggressive war on Islamic terror, and judges who understand the rule of law. Those accomplishments are significant.
But President Bush and Congress have ignored conservative principles on spending, trying to curry favor with the media and liberal Democrats by going along with their desire for increased funding. The result — influence-peddling scandals, a growing deficit, and guess what — the attacks on President Bush and Congress by liberal Democrats are more vicious than ever.
Here in Arizona, Janet Napolitano proposed a completely irresponsible budget with a whopping 23 percent spending increase. According to Republic columnist Bob Robb, the Republican budget is a 19 percent increase. And how will this battle play out? The Republicans will be presented as cheapskates who don’t care about education or children. Democrats will be presented as compassionate and caring. The two sides will compromise and we will have a budget deficit next year. And just like in Washington, Democrats will blame Republicans for the deficit.
Republicans in Arizona could propose doubling the budget for education, and Democrats would scream it is not enough. And the media would present it the same way — Democrats care about the children, Republicans don’t. Republicans here must learn from Washington — prepare a budget that makes sense, that is commensurate with the state’s population growth, that funds the state’s legitimate priorities, and no more. Return the excess to the taxpayers.
Because no matter how much you spend, liberal Democrats will do two things: accuse you of not caring about the children, and demand that you spend more. So you might as well get it right.

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