No one wants to live next to a strip club. Crime is higher, property values are lower and it’s not real conducive to raising a family. Scottsdale passed a reasonable and constitutional ordinance regulating strip clubs. The strip clubs — who make their living by objectifying women’s bodies — don’t like regulations. And so they have put Scottsdale’s ordinance up to a vote of the people.
Obviously I support the ordinance. I spent nearly a decade as a lawyer helping communities around the nation with these types of ordinances, and even wrote a book, now revised and updated, that is still used by city attorneys to pass these reasonable regulations.
My support for Scottsdale’s ordinance was noted in today’s East Valley Tribune.
This is one more example of what sets me apart from my Republican primary opponents. I have been in the arena of public policy, building organizations and doing work that positively effects the quality of life in our communities. I am not a Johnny-come-lately — or a Donnie-come-lately — to conservative leadership.