Two more polls have confirmed the grassroots momentum behind this campaign. A Behavior Research Center poll with a limited sample size, and another, more reliable poll from Rasmussen Reports, show varying margins for Janet Napolitano’s lead. But each of them confirms the Zogby poll I reported on last week in two respects. First, each poll shows that in a head-to-head with Janet, I am in a dead heat with Don Goldwater, having erased through grassroots organization and momentum any advantage he held because of his famous uncle’s last name. Second, the polls show our campaign is the only one with significant momentum.
Most of that momentum has happened through grassroots activity. I have spoken more than 200 times in the last few months directly to more than 18,000 voters all over Arizona. At the same time, our volunteer phone banks have contacted thousands of primary voters.
We have narrowed the gap substantially on Janet Napolitano, and we have hardly spent any money yet.