Today we got a unanimous decision from the Clean Elections Commission dismissing a frivolous complaint against me. While there was news coverage of the charges, this is the only story I could find about the dismissal. It is headlined, “Arizona panel dismisses complaint against Munsil.”
Get used to this. It is how politics are played today, and it is one reason so few people who are qualified to serve believe it is worth the hassle of subjecting yourself to the political process.
Sadly, this frivolous complaint was encouraged by one of my Republican primary opponents, who actually showed up at the hearing and attacked me with distortions and innuendo. Obviously the Commission was unanimously unimpressed. At a debate tonight this same candidate had the audacity to complain about frivolous Clean Elections complaints!
This same primary opponent entered the race claiming he would raise $6 million dollars. After five months, he had only managed to raise $8,000, leaving him a bit short of his goal. With his campaign on life support, his only hope was to eliminate his competition. Unfortunately, as our campaign continues to gain momentum, we expect these desperate attacks on me to continue.