Recently, I spent a few minutes at ABC 15 – TV recording a 5-minute commentary on my campaign, which is now live on the web. Please click here to take a look.
Also, Janet Napolitano’s commentary is available here as well. She reprises her “safe, strong and prosperous” theme from her official government website and her official government “State of the State” address, which now has morphed into her campaign message. The power of incumbency provides her with the ability to campaign for re-election with your tax dollars.
I want to encourage you to watch her video. As you do, remember these things:
SAFE: Arizona has the worst crime rate in the nation, and deterioriated into that position while Janet Napolitano was in a law enforcement leadership position. Watch to see if she mentions this.
STRONG: More than 5,000 people have crossed our borders illegally every day since Janet Napolitano took office, and she has done nothing to stop it except whine to the federal government. Watch to see if she tries to sound tough on the border after ignoring the issue and opposing use of the National Guard. Watch to see if she admits she was wrong, or if instead she tries to take credit for policies she opposed. Also, notice what she says about education in Arizona – whether she thinks things are getting better or getting worse.
PROSPEROUS: Arizona’s economy turned around because Janet Napolitano’s tax-raising proposals were ignored, much of her spending was rejected, and she was forced to accept some tax cuts that she vehemently opposed and tried to kill. Watch to see if she takes credit for the economic turnaround and the tax cuts, even though she opposed the tax cuts and opposed the policies that led to the economic turnaround.