A Conservative Reform AgendaThe

A Conservative Reform Agenda
The First 100 Days

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  1. Secure Borders

    1. Immediate deployment of significant National Guard resources
    2. Creation of Arizona Border Patrol as a unit of DPS
    3. Deployment of state of the art technology
    4. Employer sanctions

  2. Improve Education

    1. Reward excellent teachers with excellent pay
    2. Expand parental choice through tax credits and vouchers
    3. Eliminate funding inequities and other barriers to expanding charter school options
    4. Establishing safe schools and supporting discipline in the classroom
  3. Reduce Crime

    1. Enact pay raises for law enforcement officers that will attract quality applicants for unfilled positions
    2. “One Strike You’re Out” – life sentence for those who sexually violate children
    3. Appoint conservative judges who will protect the rights of victims
    4. Increase sentences for meth distribution, repeat and violent offenders
  4. Cut Taxes and Wasteful Spending

    1. Phase out state income tax over 10 years with annual 10 percent rate reduction
    2. Permanently eliminate state portion of property tax
    3. Review all state spending for justification and efficiency
    4. Eliminate property tax for low-income seniors
  5. Protect Children and Families

    1. Provide beds and short-term shelter for every woman and child seeking crisis intervention from domestic violence or sexual abuse
    2. Separate CPS into its own department and elevate director to cabinet-level position with daily accountability for progress
    3. Crack down on Internet child pornography
    4. Strengthen parental consent laws for abortion on children
  6. Reform Government and Stop Politics as Usual

    1. Open Books Initiative — Implement legislative oversight of non-custodial federal funds
    2. Approve tort reform that will lower health care costs
    3. Stop eminent domain abuse
    4. Protect rights of gun owners during time of emergency