Just like the last time I held a press conference, Democratic Party chairman David Waid issued an immediate response. Unlike last time, it appears Waid was able to figure out how to use “spell check.”
Last time Waid criticized me for having no experience fighting crime. Then I pointed out that long before Janet Napolitano was appointed by Bill Clinton to a political position in law enforcement, I had already trained thousands of prosecutors and participated in several other significant law enforcement efforts.
This time, they argue that I have never been elected, as if the fact that Janet Napolitano has been in office long enough to completely ignore border security is something to be proud of.
I guess we’ll find out if Arizona voters would rather have a candidate with a plan to secure the border, or an incumbent who has had her chance and failed to do anything to secure the border.
You would think with four years of experience, Janet would be able to explain her veto of legislative efforts to address illegal immigration. But here’s what happened at her press conference on Wednesday this week:

Reporter: Just briefly, given that you did veto both these measures [English as official language, expansion of Proposition 200], what are you going to do to convince voters to, in essence, uphold your vetoes?
Governor: I’m not prepared to comment on that. You can read my veto messages and my reasons for them.

Now there’s irony for you. The Democrats attack me for being inexperienced the day after their expert says she is “not prepared to comment” on her own actions.