Thank you to our grassroots army of supporters, who turned out in droves to turn what everyone expected to be a close race into a comfortable win in the Republican primary! Here are some photos from today.
Don Goldwater was gracious in his call conceding the election, and I am grateful for his words of support for me to the media afterwards. His offer to help unite the party to defeat Janet Napolitano shows great class.
Now the hard work begins. But in the same way we overcame a huge lead in the polls in the Republican primary, your effort to spread the word can help us accomplish a big upset win in the general election as well!
This is a Reagan conservative state, and Janet Napolitano’s act is wearing thin — pretending to be a moderate while doing nothing at the border, presiding over the nation’s worst crime rate, and failing to improve CPS and our state’s educational outcomes.
We need to hit the ground running this week! Please continue to spread the word!