Janet Napolitano’s spokeswoman is quoted today saying that my 100-day conservative reform agenda was “a page out of the governor’s book.”
Really? You mean Janet is now in favor of border security, school choice, tax cuts, and parental consent for abortion — four things she has repeatedly opposed and vetoed?
The purpose of the 100 day agenda was to set forth proposals that will not happen if Janet is reelected.
More importantly, what is Janet Napolitano’s agenda? Of course she has already had more than 1,000 days to do something, anything, so I’m not sure how much credibility we should give any new proposals.
But her campaign so far has been completely devoid of anything substantive. The governor’s playbook is empty.
Since the main, perhaps only, accomplishment of her first term was making sure 5 year-olds could be in school for 8 hours instead of 4, I’m wondering what bold, daring initiatives a second term would bring.
Maybe year-round kindergarten?
Not sure that would help us secure the border or address our worst crime rate in the nation. But it might make for another feel-good TV commercial.