If you have come to my website for the first time to decide who to vote for in Tuesday’s Republican primary, I will make my case briefly:
I am a Reagan conservative who has spent the past two decades effectively advancing core Republican principles. I began as a college student defending the re-election of President Reagan as editor of my college’s daily newspaper. I have drafted conservative laws, defended conservative values in court, and made the case for conservative ideas in public policy.
My successful leadership in the conservative movement is recognized by more than 30 legislators, four U.S. Congressmen and a U.S. Senator who have endorsed me in a contested primary. They don’t agree with each other or me on everything, but they believe I am the candidate best able to make the case for change.
I am the only Republican candidate with a track record of excellence, leadership and success in advancing Republican principles.
Janet Napolitano very well represents the core values of the mainstream media. She does not represent the core values of the people of Arizona.
She has ignored border security for four years and presided over the nation’s worst crime rate. Despite asking for and receiving massive amounts of new funding, she has failed to improve education or reform CPS. She takes credit for a massive budget surplus that came about only because we ignored all of her economic proposals. She is against the Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment and is a supporter of taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.
As Governor, my first priority would be to use technology and manpower to secure the borders of our state, reducing the number of illegal crossings from 5,000 per day to a trickle. I would increase funding for law enforcement and corrections while increasing penalties for meth distribution and repeat and violent offenders. I would appoint tough-on-crime judges who do not legislate from the bench.
I would work to limit the size and scope of government, which grew 20 percent this year under our current Governor. I would reduce income taxes and property taxes to spur economic growth as we compete for jobs with other states.
I would increase teacher pay for excellent teachers, and expand parental choice in education. I would fight to preserve the definition of marriage and support reasonable restrictions on abortion as we work to create a culture that respects all human life. I would encourage the good people of our state to meet the social service needs of our community.
If you need more information, you can learn about my stand on issues, review my TV commercials, listen to my podcasts, see photos from the campaign or review my blog postings on a variety of issues.
Thank you for taking the time to come to my website to read about our campaign.