With less than 48 hours notice, about 300 people packed out Republican Party headquarters today for a massive “Munsil for Governor” rally!
With just 24 days to go until the election, I challenged our supporters to pack as much effort into these next 24 days as Jack Bauer packs into one 24-hour day!
I’m grateful for the incredible outpouring of enthusiastic volunteers! We continue to run a grassroots campaign that is dependent on volunteers to get our message into the community.
Our hundreds of supporters this morning understand that connecting with voters is the key to this election. That’s why they took call sheets for tens of thousands of voters and pledged to make those calls this week. They also took yard signs and bumper stickers for their neighborhoods and family and friends.
If you were not able to make the rally but are ready to help, we need to hear from you today! Please email us or call us at 480-308-9940! We need your help to reach undecided voters beginning today!