We started early this morning with a press conference at the State Capitol with Congressman Trent Franks, where I was endorsed by Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Rep. Hunter is the author of the border wall bill just signed into law by the President. He pointed out the terrorist threat to our security posed by an unsecured southern border. Rep. Hunter noted that Janet Napolitano has said two conflicting things about border fences — first, that they don’t work, and second, that the California fence has worked so well that it has driven border crossers into Arizona.
He pointed out that she needs to make up her mind — does the wall work or does it not work? He also invited her to California to see the effectiveness of the wall there. He said he’d be happy to provide her with her ladder that is one foot taller than the wall to see how well she was able to get past the Border Patrol.
This morning we’ve had a TV crew following me around as I meet supporters at various places, and I have additional TV and radio interviews throughout the day — including the Liddy and HIll show on KKNT 960 AM at 4 p.m.
We will continue to run hard through the finish line Nov. 7! This will be a close election, and we need your help! Please help by spreading the word, making phone calls, and taking bumper stickers and yard signs to your family, friends, classmates, co-workers and friends at church! I hope to see you at our Mesa or Flagstaff rallies tomorrow!