I support Congressional efforts to put a security fence or wall at the border. Janet Napolitano can’t make up her mind.
First, she mocked the notion of a fence with her infamous “show me a 50-foot wall, I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder” comment.
Then she invited herself to a photo-op with President Bush when he signed a bill that provided funding for the fence she had mocked. In fact, Sen. Ted Kennedy quoted Napolitano in opposing the bill the President was signing.
Now, after getting the photo-op she wanted to convince Republicans she is “tough” on the border, she has admitted that if she had been in Congress, she would have voted against the border wall.
Are you dizzy yet? If so, vote for me. Agree or disagree, you’ll always know where I stand. And I won’t be straddling the fence, or hopping back and forth over it like our current Governor.