Border security IS national security. That is a message Janet Napolitano does not seem to understand. We have made that case in a mailer and in this new TV ad. Please forward this to everyone and ask them to view it before they vote!
Janet Napolitano and her aides have attacked me for this ad — but yesterday I received an unsolicited email from a man whose brother was killed in the World Trade Center tower that we depicted in the mailer. Here is part of what he said:

I truly appreciate Mr. Munsil’s support with the 9-11 Memorial and I’m doing everything I can to let friends, family and coworkers know what the right choice is for Governor!
I recently received the ad with the plane about to crash into tower two of the World Trade Center (my brother’s building) and I thought it was a poignant and important message for people to remember and understand just how important some of these issues are for all of us. If Mr Munsil would like a family member to respond to the ad, I’d be glad to show my support and explain how that image could and should be the last one like it we will ever see, unless we let our guard down and terrorists roam freely through out our nation.