Before Jack Bauer, but with decidedly less fanfare.
I’ve been contacted by the media for comment on a variety of issues over the past two months, from the 9/11 Memorial to the Republican Party chairmanship to issues related to Janet Napolitano’s second term. I’ve not responded to these requests.
I’ll have much to say on these issues and others in the near future. But I’ve always thought it was a useful political tradition for candidates who lose elections to lay low for a while — at least until the victor has taken office. I seem to recall being pleased when John Kerry disappeared for a while after the 2004 election.
Plus, I just needed a break.
Now it’s a New Year. Janet Napolitano has been inaugurated, the college football season is over and it’s time to jump back into the fray. Earlier today Napoliitano gave her State of the State speech. Not suprisingly, she had little to say about further efforts to lower taxes or address illegal immigration –the two issues she campaigned on to gain Republican votes in the election.
I’m looking forward to re-engaging in the public debate through this blog. The look of my website will be changing, and I’ll be unveiling exciting new opportunities for you to be involved in the issues that affect our state and country.
Thank you to the many of you who sent us cards and greetings over the holidays. We skipped Christmas cards this year since about 500,000 of you received our most recent family photos during the campaign, and most of you already know what we did in 2006.
Even without the campaign, it’s been an eventful two months. Among other things, I survived a serious auto accident that totaled my car, and we took the family to Disneyland. Tigger pretty much left us alone, but it seemed like we were stalked by a creepy Jack Sparrow character.
It’s good to be back.