Last September I called for removal of offensive portions of Arizona’s 9/11 Memorial, and said this about inscriptions that should be on the memorial:

The new monument will include at least these three phrases from 9-11 that are missing here:
Phrase No. 1 — “Let’s Roll”
Phrase No. 2 — “United We Stand” and
Phrase No. 3 — “God Bless America.”

Back then, Billy Shields, chairman of the 9/11 Commission and Janet Napolitano’s fall guy, defended the monument and attacked me for being political. In fact, he was at my press conference and publicly trashed me and my critique — and was widely quoted doing so on that day and for weeks to come.
This is from today’s Arizona Republic:

From the steel panels themselves, Shields would like to remove the reference to an Uruzgans air strike, and he said he’d also consider removing inscriptions that read, “Can’t fight battles of terrorism with more battles” and “Foreign born Americans Afraid.”
In their place, Shields hopes to add “United we stand,” “Let’s roll” and “Never forget.”

Hey Billy — two out of three ain’t bad, but you left out God bless America.
So who was being political last September?