“This war is lost.” — Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.
As I pointed out a few weeks ago, we won the “war” in Iraq very quickly. What remains is a Democratically-elected government trying to stabilize a country threatened by Islamic terrorists.
And we are helping them, at great cost to brave young American soldiers.
Imagine undertaking this important duty, facing terrorist threats on a daily basis, and finding out that one of America’s top political leaders believes you are putting your life on the line for no purpose, and that we’ve already “lost.”
Harry Reid is a disgrace and should resign. If he doesn’t, the veterans and voters of Nevada should throw him out of office. You can send him your thoughts here.

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  1. My son is a Captain in the Air Force currently serving in the Middle East flying an E-8C JStars.
    As a military father, I believe Harry Reid’s comments about the Iraq War are despicable. Why is my son risking his life? For a government containing traitor representatives like Mr. Reid? His comments have emboldened the enemy and are not to be confused with those of a pacifist.
    At least a pacifist would be willing to die for what he believed in. No, Mr. Reid is a political opportunist with a saliva wetted index finger. That makes him a coward.
    Mr. Reid should be recalled immediately. His constituents should be ashamed that they are represented by such a low life.