The New York Times has concluded that Republicans are dispirited and unenthusiastic about their candidates for President.
Former Sen. Fred Thompson seems to be moving closer to running, as he gets the news out today that he has cancer, which is in remission.
And Sen. John McCain is garnering respect today from the Wall St. Journal and even some conservative critics for his principled stand on the Iraq war. His speech today at Virginia Military Institute is a must-read.
So where are you at on the Republican presidential field? Who are you leaning toward, if anyone? Are you discouraged? Email me at or comment on this post and let me know.


  1. Not really excited about the candidates thus far. McCain will never get my vote as he has violated our political free speech rights. Duncan Hunter shares my views, but he isn’t getting much attention nor money. Fred Thompson interests me quite a bit. Mitt Romney doesn’t do anything for me and Rudy Giuliani is way too far left and has too many issues of morality for me.

  2. So far none of the candidates are interesting. McCain while a good candidate caters too much to Sen. Clinton. Thompson seems to have both the credentials as well as the public image to run. My hope would be that Newt Gingrich would run. If he doesn’t run, you should Len.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why Huckabee hasn’t caught fire.

  4. Tom Tancredo has my vote so far but probably won’t get the nomination because to many Republicans are asleep. Gingrich might get my vote if he runs and has a better shot than Tancredo. Duncan Hunter is great but doesn’t have a chance.
    McCain or Guliani are probably worse than Bush. McCain’s a RINO. Guliani doesn’t even pretend to be a RINO, hes a full on Democan. I’ll vote for a 3rd party candidate (Libertarians) in the general if this is all the Republicans can give us. I’ll probably also change to the Libertarian party in this case.
    Romney doesn’t intrest me much but if hes the only one of the top “3 stooges” then I’ll consider voting for him.
    Thompson – I need to know more about him.