OK, so Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole’s baby and Don Imus is a jerk.
Now that we have those things settled, we may want to get back to coverage of the fact that Iran is led by a complete madman who recently took British hostages and who is dedicated to destroying Israel and the United States.
Oh, and he is trying to develop nuclear weapons.


  1. I think we all need to take a deep breath, here, before we get too worked up over Iran. Number one, they don’t have nukes. Number two, they say they don’t want nukes. And as we learned with Saddam Hussein, even liars tell the truth occasionally. Rather than ascribe the worst possible construction to this news, we should remember that they do have good reasons to pursue nuclear power for peaceful reasons. They may be wooden-headed, but not malevolent. (I say “wooden-headed” because Chernobyl taught us what can happen when a second-rate government builds nuclear plants. Using Russian technology, no less.)Selling their oil is the main (practically the only) driver of Iran’s economy, and they don’t want to “waste” it to generate domestic electricity. Another salient fact: Americans forget how small and close-packed these countries are. Iran nuking Israel would be like Arizona nuking New Mexico. NOT a bright idea. They’d better pick a really, really good day for it … and hope the wind doesn’t change.

  2. My main point was that there are more significant things happening in the world than Anna Nicole’s baby and Don Imus. (Now if Don Imus had been revealed as the father of Anna Nicole’s baby, maybe the coverage would have been appropriate.)
    You make some good points, but c’mon, Iran not “malevolent”? Why are we in the West so unwilling to take tyrants at their word? Osama Bin Laden declared war on us but we didn’t pay any attention until he knocked the WTC Towers down. Going back to Hitler and Stalin and all through the Cold War, for some reason we don’t want to believe bad guys when they tell us what they are planning to do. Saddam had used chemical weapons on his own people and was pursuing WMDs. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has told us what he plans to do, and we should believe him.


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