If the Cleveland Cavaliers fall to the San Antonio Spurs in a forest of indifference and no one hears them fall, did the NBA finals really happen?
With the Suns in the finals, the score would have been 75-72 at halftime.


  1. It’s hard to understand how Robert Horry could, by fragrantly fouling Steve Nash and evoking the righteous anger of Amare, change the course of what would have been a Suns championship.
    Is there a political lesson to be learned from this?
    Perhaps it is this: When we overreact to any controversial situation without first thinking, we lose.
    Republicans, let’s stop playing into the schemes of the enemy and win the championship in ’08.

  2. I did not watch basketball after the spurs beat the Suns. Beat is the right term…I figured the fix was in after the refs let the spurs hammer our boys & ignore what was going on.
    Reminded me of how Mexico has the fix in with Mr. Bush. Our Prez lets the illegals run all over the USA, drunk driving, gang killings, rapes…what have you. If the “refs” at the border call a “foul” they get to go to jail…the only thing they are locking up the wrong refs. The ones who called the last Suns games should be locked up.
    Illegals have killed more US citizens than have died in Iraq in the same period of time.


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