When Harry Mitchell ran TV ads that placed J.D. Hayworth in a sniper’s crosshairs, he was dubbed “Dirty Harry.” In a previous legislative election he tore down his opponent’s campaign signs. And last week he was a key player when the Democratic majority in Congress violated its own rules to overcome a vote total they didn’t like, as Mitchell switched his vote to protect taxpayer subsidies for illegal aliens.
All of this apparently qualifies him for sainthood if you read the Arizona Republic. Today, former left-wing columnist Richard Ruelas shows that he can still write a puff piece on a liberal politician even after being banished to the entertainment section.
So on the day Greg Patterson wonders when the Republic will begin to examine Mitchell’s role in last week’s fiasco, I think we have the answer. Never. Not while they are busy running “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” puff pieces about the former high school government teacher.

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  1. Your last couple of lines are always zingers.
    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


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