The road to health — of the universal care variety — is paved with good intentions.
Frustration with our current health care system, the high cost of premiums and difficulties with insurance companies have created a wave of support for a solution that will be worse than the problem — putting the federal goverment and perhaps Hillary Clinton in charge of your medical decisions.
Under Hillary’s new plan, which isn’t really new at all, you will be forced to buy insurance whether you want it or not. It’s a small step from that to putting a Washington D.C. bureaucrat in charge of when you can go to a doctor or a hospital or be treated for anything. So much for freedom. Sounds remarkably like Hayek’s classic book, which is inscribed on its dedication page with this quote from David Hume: “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.”
Maybe not, but for Hillary and friends, one-sixth of the economy “all at once” isn’t a bad start.

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  1. A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh raised the question, “If medical professionals ‘broke’ the health care industry, and if they can’t fix the current health care dilemma, why would you trust the bureaucrats in Washington to do any better?”


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