I can’t believe Sen. Harry Reid’s attack on Rush Limbaugh will do anything but backfire.
The notion that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t support our troops is laughable on its face. As a Congressional resolution supporting Limbaugh points out:

… Limbaugh has met with troops in Afghanistan; raised and donated millions of dollars to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides college scholarships to the children of Marines and veterans of other branches killed in action; features an “Adopt a Soldier” program which provides them with free subscription access to his online program features …

Coming from Harry Reid — who led the charge to cut off funding to our troops, and who declared they had “already lost” the war in Iraq while they were still out there fighting — the charge is beyond absurd.
The Democrats are realizing their commitment to losing in Iraq is hurting them politically. Rather than change their policies, they apparently have decided to smear prominent conservatives in an attempt to deflect attention from their own mistakes. In this case, they have taken something completely out of context in order to leave a false impression. And what’s worse, they know it. This is cynical and manipulative of the American people and has no place in our political system.
Rush Limbaugh is not a perfect man, as the headlines have well documented in recent years. Nor has he claimed to be. But he is most certainly a patriot and a supporter of all men and women in uniform, no matter what their politics.

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