Political and cultural shifts are not inevitable. They occur because people are motivated to change their behavior or their voting patterns. Sometimes these shifts occur due to external events and circumstances, and sometimes they are based on internal convictions or awakenings.
Republicans lost control of Congress because of financial and sexual corruption, combined with an unwillingness to secure the border or end pork barrel spending. At the same time, the Party’s largest constituency — social and religious conservatives — are undergoing a thorough re-examination of their involvement in the political arena, as this lengthy article from Sunday’s New York Times describes.
The result for the Republican Party has been nothing short of catastrophic. That is reflected locally in the fundraising and voter registration totals in Arizona.
Now it’s gut check time. There will be serious consequences if we become so disenchanted that we leave politics to advocates of policies that will cause our children to live in a world that is less safe, less moral and less prosperous.
We just have to decide how much we care.