A report from today’s Washington Times confirms the point many of us have been making for the past couple of years — you can’t protect our nation’s interests exclusively through interior enforcement. We should not be surprised that Mexican drug cartels are being paid to sneak Islamic terrorists into the United States for an attack on Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona. While Congress does nothing and while Arizona fights a battle over employer sanctions, what are we doing to prevent such an attack?
We remain at war with those who want to attack America from within. We can’t possibly secure our country if we allow thousands of people to cross illegally into the United States every day.
Whether you favor “a path to citizenship” or employer sanctions or arrest and deportation — competing methods of addressing illegal immigration — not one of those approaches gets to the heart of the first problem with an unsecured border, which is that an unsecured border puts all our lives at risk. And as the Times report reminds us, Arizona is on the front lines.
Dr. Stephen Covey urges us in his “Seven Habits of Highly Successful Persons” to “Put First Things First.” The failure of our federal and state governments to build a fence and use all the technology and manpower at our disposal to stop illegal crossings into the United States during wartime is a disgrace.

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  1. Disgrace and malfeasance of major proportions.


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