It’s not like he was perfect. But Ronald Reagan’s vision and principles inspired something in a generation of Americans. No one since has quite been able to capture our imagination the same way.
Take a few moments to visit the brand new, updated website of Principled Reaganesque Outcomes. Watch the Reagan tribute video. Think about the difference one man made at a time when things looked pretty bleak for America.
Then watch this cartoon spoof of the first Republican debate, held at the Reagan Library. I think he would have enjoyed it!


  1. I saw a picture of a US astronaught standing on the moon. The very picture of a “CAN DO” American: risking himself, totally committed, at the edge of planning and technology, honored to serve.
    I want the kind of American that knows how to fuse virtue, investment and edge. What I want is not “Did Do” America. I want “Can Do” America. Can we re-engage the fussion of human dignity, confidence and risk taking?
    I will re-ask one of the fundamental questions that makes America what it ought to be. Is America still the home of the free and brave?

  2. With Rudy, at least you know what you get. His story line has matched his actions. Unlike ANY of the other candidates and Huckabee is another Bush. We don’t need that much trouble. He is a socialist. I am NOT.
    Bottom line, my husband, myself, and our 4 voting children and their spouses agree…we’ll have to vote for Rudy since the candidate we could have supported, Newt Gingrich, is not running.

  3. That was really good. I am voting for John McCain. I believe in him more than any other contact.

  4. Sorry I’m not voting for any of them because no offense to the Republicans they are all stuck up snobs who have no clue about politics they only believe in furthering there own agenda and no I am not a Democrat they are the exact same way. If we really want to get going in the right direction we need to find an external runner.


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