Tim Tebow is the first sophomore to be chosen for college football’s Heisman Trophy award, and is already becoming an athletic legend by virtue of his unique strength and ability. (After bench pressing 425 pounds — unheard of for a quarterback — his strength coaches would not let him go higher for fear he would hurt his ability to throw the football.) In Florida they say Superman wears Timmy Tebow pajamas.
Tebow comes from a strong Christian family, was home schooled and does missionary work at his parents’ orphanage and in prisons. And now his parents have revealed that doctors encouraged them to abort Tim based on likely “irreversible damage” because of strong medications his mother needed to heal from a serious intestinal infection that put her into a coma.
The Tebows’ decision to give birth to Tim is another reminder of the unique potential of every human life.


  1. Inspiring story. Thanks Len!

  2. Wow, Len, that story is not likely to make the front page of too many papers.
    Thanks for pointing this out!

  3. Stories like this abound – just last year my cousin and his wife gave birth to their first child at 25 weeks. Many said that the baby would not be viable and discouraged continuing on in the pregnancy. However, just a little over a year later their daughter is a beautiful and healthy little girl.
    It really makes you stop and think – how many times have the doctors been wrong on these cases?

  4. What a platform this young man has to tell his story. We have all been forced to either totally remove ourselves from pop culture or be victims of the morally debased powers that control the information allowed to be spread by popular personalities.
    Here is a surprise they did not count on. A sports figure who has done what no one else has ever accomplished and from a Christian pro-life family, as proven by his existence.
    God bless them; such a harvest from one seed allowed to grow.


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