And he’s a Ron Paul for President supporter. If the space under your Christmas tree is a little sparse this year, it must be because all of Santa’s elves have been out posting Ron Paul signs and stickers on every fencepost and traffic sign in America.


  1. I’m confused. What do Ron Paul & Santa have to do with each other?
    I opened the email & went to the blog, expecting some nice, Christmas-y message, and instead I read a dig against Ron Paul. (Or is it in favor of Ron Paul?) I’ll say one thing for his supporters — they are enthusiastic and ACTIVE. And by the way, if he’s as much for “small government” as I think he is, and if the leading non-Ron-Paul Republican candidates are as poor on anti-illegal-immigration as a lot of them have been, I may end up becoming a Ron Paul supporter before this race is over.

  2. Merry Christmas Len! We corresponded a while back about you supporting Ron Paul. I wish you would reconsider. His foreign policy is not “burying our head in the sand” as you phrased it. Rather it the Constitutional policy of not going to war without a congressional declaration, then having a named nation(s) as a target and a Constitutional goal (not nation-building or democracy-spreading.)
    Finally, I believe Ron to be the only born-again candidate without a record as a socialist.
    God bless you & your family in the coming year.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Richard L. Nix

  3. Len I know you’re not the biggest Ron Paul supporter but thanks for the message. We’ve all been working hard to get Ron Paul elected. The status quo can’t continue. I know everyone is concerned about terrorists. I am just as much as you are. But without a secure border we are just as open to attacks as we were on 9/10/01. This is why I support Dr. Ron Paul. We cannot afford to play anymore games with liars who pay lip service to the border issue. Terrorists can come from any country, not just Iraq. Since none of the candidates have even laid out a very basic plan of how to win in Iraq I cannot continue to support the war in Iraq. All men deserve democracy but they must be willing to fight for it. The Iraqi’s have had plenty of time to start fighting but very few are.
    BTW, please run for Governor again, or something so I can vote for you again. Come down here to Tucson and run against Giffords! But don’t expect any support from the Republican National Committee as they didn’t support Randy Graf one bit.


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