A huge story headlined “Marchers urge change to permit right to die” appears with a photo on B-5 of today’s Republic. The on-line version includes a five-photo slide show. As Carol points out in a comment to my post yesterday, the photos are carefully cropped to obscure the size of the crowd. The story focuses most of its ink on the concerns of the marchers, with brief comments from opponents.
According to eyewitnesses, there were 40 people at the rally. This becomes “about 100″ in the Republic’s news coverage, which is the number they anticipated in their B-1 “news update” Wednesday that was essentially an invitation to the event.
Not only was there no pre-event story, there was also no coverage headlined “Marchers urge change to permit right to life” following a pro-life rally involving two Congressmen, the Catholic bishop of Phoenix and other leaders that drew a crowd estimated by one eyewitness at 2,000.
Unfair and biased news coverage of important issues is one reason why most conservatives I know canceled their subscription long ago.

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