Sen. Tom Coburn is arguably, across-the-board, the most conservative member of the United States Senate, with a 98 percent rating from the American Conservative Union. Sen. Sam Brownback is arguably the Senate’s most committed member on the social issues. Both have endorsed Sen. John McCain for President.
Until his departure from the race over the weekend, Congressman Duncan Hunter was arguably the most consistent, across-the-board conservative in the presidential race – pro-life, pro-defense, and pro-border fence. Clearly he was the most committed to pushing the border security agenda. Now he has endorsed former Gov. Mike Huckabee.
Apparently Coburn, Brownback and Hunter — three unquestionably conservative leaders with 90-percent plus ratings from the ACU — were unfazed by the hysterical insistence of some conservative pundits that McCain and Huckabee are “liberals” who would destroy the Republican Party.


  1. McCAIN – COBURN 2008 ; BEST TICKET TO defeat Dems in Nov. Dr.Coburn’s Healthcare Plan S1019 IS THE MOST SUITABLE and by far most realistic and Best Plan for America , Dr. Tom Coburn is also the most genuinely effective Senator for change , TRUE CHANGE IN WASHINGTON

  2. McCain is a liberal! under the direction of Tom Husband the MCRC rightfully talk a straw poll in which his own district did not even want McCain. Len I am a big supporter but i think you are out of touch on this one

  3. Those are some pretty harsh words, Joshu. McCain is with conservatives about 85% of the time. He is strong on national defense, national security, the war on terror, and cutting wasteful spending in Washington. I personally disagree with him on immigration, global warming, and campaign finance. Hillary is with us 0% of the time. Obama is with us 0% of the time. Rasmussen has McCain beating Hillary in a head-to-head match up by 8 points and McCain beating Obama by 6 points. What would you prefer? A Hillary or Obama presidency in which we get none of what we want, or a McCain presidency in which we get a lot of what we as conservatives want – namely a safer nation. Len’s point is hardly “out-of-touch” – he rightly realizes that if conservatives don’t stop labeling McCain – who appears likely to be our nominee at this point – as a “liberal,” we are only going to hurt ourselves and give the race to the Democrats.

  4. Dr. Tom Coburn grew his families’ business from a few hundred jobs to several thousand American jobs @ Coburn Optical; then went to medical School and became President of his medical class, and now provides chartable medical care and is an honorable Deacon in his community Baptist Church- He truly is our present day LINCOLN

  5. Dr. Tom Coburn – an ethical, distinguished , intelligent courageous maverick OUTSIDER ,delivers so much more than any other VP CANDIDATE at this time and anyway Sarah PALIN SHOULD RUN FOR Ted Stevens ALASKA SENATE SEAT . In these perilous , uncertain times he is also the only one who exceeds the readiness threshold , which admittedly is higher for John McCAIN AND Dr. Coburn brings him the most votes and seals/solidifies victory which will require every last conservative BUBBA TO VOTE AND NOT STAY HOME.

  6. Please wait to announce McCAIN-COBURN 08 next Tues night in front of 180 million Americans and McCAIN WILL OWN MEDIA-CYCLE all labor day weekend long, Dr. Coburn – owns Healthcare -McCAIN’S LAST ACHILLES HEEL WEAKNESS , and Dr. Tom Coburn brings Virginia and Colorado and ENTIRE SOUTH , and as frenemy of Obama brings 8% OBAMICANS BACK UNDER REPUBLICAN TENT, AND HE NEVER VOTED FOR A SINGLE EARMARK


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