At the legislature they call it a “point of personal privilege” when you introduce family members. (If you’re not interested feel free to skip this post.)
Tracy and I are proud of all our children, but wanted to link you to some ways that our older kids are starting to make some news on their own. Will Munsil, who just turned 21, is closing in on graduation at Colorado Christian University, where he is returning to the NCAA Div. II baseball team after redshirting last year following rotator cuff surgery. He continues to blog at , is an editor for his school newspaper, and recently had an essay on the American idea chosen for publication in The Atlantic Monthly’s on-line edition, with a brief reference in the print version.
Leigh Munsil is a sophomore at Arizona State University studying journalism. She just completed an internship at The Arizona Republic that included about 60 by-line stories, including two A-1 and two B-1 by-lines. She is now interning at Arizona Capitol Times and also covering government for the ASU State Press, where she has already written about student involvement in presidential campaigns and the latest presidential poll in Arizona. At least this semester there will be a Munsil at the state Capitol!
Anne Munsil is a straight “A” high school senior trying to figure out college plans. Channel 12 happened to be at a basketball game recently and captured three of her four 3-pointers in its brief video coverage (she’s No. 33 in white), while the Tribune noted her performance in a recent game.

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