The Arizona Republic acknowledges in a front-page story today that our border agents are at increasing risk of violent attack. According to one agent:

“The smugglers are getting more brazen. They don’t want to lose their loads. They’ll do whatever they have to.”

Certainly by now the problem has been made known to our federal and state leaders. The notion that the most powerful nation on earth still can’t manage to stop this ongoing, brazen smuggling of drugs and humans into the United States – and that we are putting the lives of our outgunned and outmanned border agents at risk — is ridiculous.


  1. I appreciate that your continuing to be out in front of this issue. Unfortunately, in 2006 Janet painted herself as a tough border hawk, even going so far as to invite herself to a photo op at the border with President Bush, and the voters believed her. Arizonans are growing very weary over this issue, and next time she runs for office I don’t think the voters will be so ready to give her a free pass without examining her record.

  2. Kyle,
    I disagree, I believe Arizonans are becoming apathetic to this issue among many Americans and republicans. How else do you explain John McCain’s rise in popularity.
    Also Janet won’t be running for gubernatorial office next time around. She’s either going to take a spot on Obama’s staff or run for McCain’s senatorial position… and the scary thing is, she might win.


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