The Suns’ trade of Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for Shaquille O’Neal will go down in history as the final piece in their championship puzzle or the biggest blunder since Suns’ fans voted for “heads” and we lost the Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul Jabbar coin flip to the Bucks.
And I have no idea which.
That said, I hope when Shawn Marion returns to U.S. Airways Arena that Suns fans show him the appreciation he has always deserved for his hustle and his unique, All-Star talents. He will go down as one of the greatest Suns of all time.


  1. My husband and son were at last nights’double overtime game. They were surprised that no mention was made of Shawn Marion or Marcus Banks to allow the crowd to express their appreciation for their contribution to the team? We hope that the Suns organization knows how much we’ve enjoyed both players, but especially the amazing defensive skills of Shawn Marion. He’ll be missed!

  2. Great points Len.. Shawn was fun to watch and deserves to know of our appreciation. Hopefully, Shaq will be the final “big” piece of the puzzle for Suns fans.

  3. Well, others will have to cheer for me – I can’t afford the price of a Suns ticket – they have priced themselves out of the realm of possibility for this middle-class American.
    A few years ago, I took my handicapped ‘little brother’ for the Dan Marjele night and it cost me $120 for two tickets and we still ended up at a poor corner seat. Haven’t gone back since.
    The best entertainment value in town right now are the Coyotes. You can get tickets as cheap as $10 (these are upper deck – center ice).


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