Everyone was stunned by Congressman John Shadegg’s decision yesterday to not seek re-election to Congress. I had a chance to speak with Rep. Shadegg last night and thank him for the incredible sacrifices he and his family have made on our behalf for the past 14 years.
While the media tends to focus on the perks, few people consider the cost of serving in Congress, especially from a western state. At least twice weekly flights from Arizona to Washington D.C. take a physical toll. In the few days they are here, usually on the weekend, there are meetings with staff and constituents, political events, town halls, speeches and reading to catch up on — all of which confict with the few days available to spend time with family and friends.
I was honored to be involved in Rep. Shadegg’s first campaign in 1994. After 14 years in office, he has never given me a reason personally or politicallly to be anything but proud of that decision. In fact, had more Congressmen adhered to his standard of ethics and Goldwater and Reagan conservative principles, Republicans might not be in the minority today.

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