In the past two days the United States Supreme Court has decided two high-profile cases.
In one, the Court overturned the ability of states to impose the death penalty on child molesters who rape small children. They did so by just one vote, somehow declaring that a jury’s decision to impose the death penalty on a man who raped his 8-year-old stepdaughter was “cruel and unusual.”
Today the Court upheld your right to private possession of handguns under the Second Amendment — by just one vote.
That means gun owners are one Supreme Court vote away from losing the right to keep and bear arms for personal use and self-defense.
Both of these decisions highlight the critical importance of the next appointment to the United States Supreme Court. That appointment will be made by either John McCain, who supports gun rights and the death penalty, or Barack Obama, who mocks Americans for “bitterly” clinging to their guns and their faith.