Gov. Janet Napolitano’s consistent overspending has taken Arizona from a budget surplus to a $2 billion deficit in 18 months while leaving critical infrastructure so underfunded that she desperately needs you to vote to raise your own taxes by $42 billion to pay transportation costs that should have been addressed through the normal budget process during her six years in office.
With that record, Gov. Napolitano is an obvious choice to address the Democratic National Convention — about economics.
I’m not the only one to feel that way. Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords called it a “good fit”:

Giffords called the state’s economic woes “a microcosm for the nation,” noting Arizona’s struggle with foreclosures and illegal immigration, as well as with the demands of continued rapid growth.
Added Giffords, “I really believe these are topics she knows well. You probably couldn’t ask for a better spokeswoman than Governor Napolitano.”

Gov. Janet Napolitano — a “good fit” to speak about economic woes. Thanks Gabby.


  1. How ironic…
    She was quick to take credit for the economy while campaiging against you during the real estate boom. Funny how she doesn’t take any “credit” for the current crisis. Maybe they can also have Al speak about how “inconvenient” all of our rain has been this year during all of this “warming.”

  2. You’ve got to hand it to Democrats, they have a way with words.
    Evidence the marketing term “pro-choice”. Killing an innocent baby in the womb is not presented as the vile evil that it is but rather, it is couched in terms that appeal to the ego, puff up the self, tempt the less noble side of our humanity, hide it’s implication and pride is born.
    This is why, without laughing, pro-aborts can say “I am not for abortion but I am for a woman’s right to choose”. To sin against one’s own language or worse, to create a disconnect between words and their meaning, closes the door that leads to the light of truth.
    Similarly, when one Janet Napolitano is viewed as a victim of the economy and the immigration crisis, rather than the causitive, do-nothing, conactivist that she really is, and then be lauded as a hero by the very Party that is expert at packaging, marketing, selling and delivering products of deception, should we really be surprised?
    And they can’t even hear the door of conscience slamming shut in their hearts; spiritual suicide as a wage for power is just not smart.
    The next time I decide to develop a product, let’s say a sugar coated, caffiene riddled, diet pill or something like that, the marketing rep I hire will surely be a Democrat. Sigh……
    It is difficult to beat cheaters, especially complicit cheaters and most difficult, cheaters who do not even realize they are cheating. It’s not impossible, just difficult. Only a strong leader can be successful at this. One not prone to caving or retreating in the face of political correctness temper tantrums.
    Are there any among us willing to engage in the battle? Is our country, which has been savagely ravaged by Liberal ideologies, worth saving? Can a patient who can’t and who won’t admit their diseased condition be healed? Can we take the spoiled child to the wood shed before it kills itself? Time will tell.


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