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… as not only an opponent of traditional marriage, but a slanderer of those who still believe marriage is and always should be the union of one man and one woman.
In comments opposing Proposition 102 in the state’s publicity pamphlet, the Mayor of Phoenix writes:

“Let’s not permit a hateful few to define us to the rest of our country by painting a target on a specific group of citizens.”

Seriously, Mayor Gordon? Do you really believe that everyone who believes we should not let activist judges redefine marriage in Arizona — the African-American pastors, the Latino families, the Catholic bishops, the soccer Moms, the regular folks who work hard and go to church every weekend — are you really calling all these people “the hateful few?” That’s outrageous.

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  1. Mr. Gordon:
    To call good evil and evil good is actually blasphemy.
    You have lost your way.