The free market works. Congress intervened in the free market by forcing banks to make home loans to people who would otherwise not qualify. Democrats, who believe in disrupting the free market to promote social policy, supported this and are largely responsible for today’s financial meltdown. Republicans, including President Bush, saw the dangers and attempted to provide accountability — Democrats blocked them, as this report makes clear:

Given this history, what did Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi do today before failing to pass the proposed economic bailout? Naturally, she blamed President Bush.
It is truly nauseating to watch those who are responsible for this crisis, like Sen. Chuck Schumer or Rep. Barney Frank, attempt to hide their own responsibility by blaming President Bush and Republicans. This sets a new record for shameless cynicism.

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  1. Len, you are a very polite person and I appreciate it. However, me, I’m just going to call it like it is. Let the chips fall whre they may, somebody’s got to say it:
    This is not about financial bankruptcy….this is about moral and spiritual bankruptcy.
    Through legalized abortion, 50,000,000 innocent children in the womb have been horrifically murdered by saline poisoning, dismemberment, suctioning, and every other death method you can think of.
    Do you think that if those 50,000,000 children were allowed to live that we’d be in a mortgage crisis my friends? Do you think we’d be seeing home values drop like rocks? Do you think Social Security would be bankrupt? Do you think we’d have an immigration problem? God’s plans for this country were all good until we traded convenience for life, the right thing for the wrong thing, good for evil. And we allowed our future to be sacrificed on the altar of self. Yep….the age of Aquarius is dawning….the age of Oprah is upon us and God have mercy on us all for all the deception we have allowed by not standing firm against it.
    Reap death, sow death, it’s that simple. The very government that created the problem by taking it’s mantle of protecting all life is now reaping the results and fruit of shirking that responsibilty. And laughably, they are trying to cover up the bloody mess when a gazillion dollars won’t fix this.
    So, is it hopeless, is there a solution? Yes there is an answer and the government ain’t it. No bailout, not a Republican bailout, not a Democrat bailout will work. This is a spiritual problem. we need a cryout not a bailout.
    The solution is the church falling on its knees and repenting of allowing abortion without so much as a wimper of protest. The church must turn from it’s wicked way of the lack of involvement in the government by allowing God to be taken out of schools, by allowing homosexuality to become normalized in our society. By allowing itself to be muzzled in exchange for filthy lucre.
    And where do churches find themselves now? In debt up to their eyeballs unwilling to speak out against the evils of our time for fear of losing members and revenue. All you had to do guys was preach the truth and that without fear. Is not God your source?
    Don’t you think it ironic that the chairman of the Finance Commitee is a unashamed homosexual? Do you think this is an accident? Do you think it an accident that the Speaker of the House can blaspheme God about abortion? You think it a coincidence that Barack Obama calls himself a Christian yet supports abortion and homosexuality more than anyone else in Congress?
    Reaping, sowing, reaping, sowing. These people are the results of the seeds that were sown 50 or so years ago.
    Friends, God is not mocked and the piper is knocking at the door and wants payment in full.
    We must stand against legalized abortion, against homosexual marriage, God must be put back in our schools, then and only then will He heal our land. Or, will He force us to bend our knees? How stubborn will we be?
    The choice is ours. There’s no panic in heaven, no recession in heaven. No abortion in heaven. No lack in heaven. “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdon come, thy will be done, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN….”
    Don’t say the prayer unless you mean it.