Oliphant is a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist. For some reason he thinks its OK to distort and then mock and stereotype Sarah Palin’s faith. We don’t need to wonder what the response would be if he were to stereotype Barack Obama’s ethnicity. But you can count on most of the left-wing media to ignore the only acceptable bigotry in 2008 America — bigotry against Christians.
Oliphant cartoon.gif


  1. I would say it goes deeper than just Christians. A certain breed of Christians are sarcastically viewed as dim-wits for having a faith that is strong and compelling.
    A faith that empowers believers to manifest the fullness of that faith as given to us in the New Testament. Gibberish, right-wing gobbleygook.
    Yet celebrities can wear a piece of red yarn around their wrist to ward off the evil-eye and be seen as enlightened and superior.

  2. Under the guise of tolerance the left continually tries to take away absolute truth. They believe we can not have any belief in right or wrong and make laws or judgments. We are labeled unintelligent or bigoted.

  3. The last time I checked the eternal sports page (i.e., the Book of Revelations) we win.