The mainstream media have no idea what just happened, and neither does Joe Biden. Gov. Sarah Palin spoke straight to the heart of America with a common-sense, optimistic, reform-minded populist conservative message. Joe Biden spent all night attacking John McCain, and Palin undercut his effectiveness by pointing out that Biden was more impressed by McCain than Obama until he got the VP slot. Biden’s strategy of attacking McCain meant that no one laid a glove on Palin, while she was free to pummel the Obama-Biden ticket mercilessly – but with a smile and a velvet glove.
By the end of the debate, Biden seemed almost punch-drunk — slurring words, referring to himself in the third person, getting emotional. This was a clear-cut victory for McCain-Palin and you will see a surge for McCain in the polls over the next few days, especially as all of Biden’s factual errors are exposed.
Sarah Palin doesn’t speak like a typical Washington politician. Joe Biden is the very definition of a typical Washington politician. For a second time, Sarah Palin has injected new life into Republican efforts in the fall, and John McCain’s judgment in deciding to pick Palin has been vindicated.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head Len. Although I doubt the mainstream media will expose any of Biden’s mis- statements. I still hope they can rise above their partisanship and cover this debate somewhat fairly and give Sarah her props but… I fear I’m dreaming at that one.


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